There are Avenues

The Brodie Press, 2006

This longish poem is a series of prodigal’s returns to the city of Liverpool where I was first brought at the age of three, and to which I’ve been returning ever since. The literal avenues of the


Twentieth Century Poetry: Selves and Situations

Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2005

My third book of literary criticism is a sequence of chapters exploring ways that selves and situations will interact and become imaginatively identified in poems. Readings of works by Ezra Pound


Untitled Deeds

Cambridge and Perth: Salt Publishing, 2004

Untitled Deeds is made up of three hundred and fifty-four sequenced aphorisms, observations, and remarks on such variety topics as the fear of death, mobile phones, conceptual art, international


Selected Poems

Manchester: Carcanet Press, 2003

This Selected Poems contains some revised versions of early poems only previously available in the the limited edition pamphlet A Part of Rosemary Laxton (1979) and the long unavailable Overdrawn


Poetry, Poets, Readers: Making Things Happen

Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2002

Poetry, Poets Readers is a defence of poetry against the protective moves which claim that poets never lie because they never affirm, or that their poems exist in a separate 'world'.


The Great Friend and Other Translated Poems

Tonbridge, Kent: Worple Press, 2002

The Great Friend and Other Translated Poems brings together for the first time a choice of work in this field from the last quarter of a century. As the title underlines, these are not imitations or


About Time Too

Manchester: Carcanet Press, 2001

This full collection contains poems written from the time of my return to Japan after the brain tumour operation up to the end of 1998. This is the period in which, late in the day, I became a


Anywhere You Like

Sendai: Pine Wave Press, 2000

Anywhere You Like is a hors de commerce edition limited to 126 signed copies of twenty-two poems mostly written after finishing About Time Too. It came to be published at the suggestion of Naoki


Lost and Found

Manchester: Carcanet Press, 1997

Five years after the disappointment with Entertaining Fates, Carcanet brought out my first book written after ceasing to live in England. A majority of the poems in Lost and Found, of which


Liverpool Accents: Seven Poets and a City

Liverpool: Liverpool University Press, 1996

As I wrote in the Preface 'The idea for this anthology came to me on a mountain in Japan. I was walking across the bridge above a gorge that separates where I live from where I work. Beautiful as


In the Circumstances: about Poems and Poets

Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1992

In the Preface to this book of nine chapters on Wordsworth, Auden, T. S. Eliot, Hardy, Lowell, Hill, Montale, Pound and Browning, I wrote that each piece 'is differently engaged by the idea of other


When I Was at my Most Beautiful and other poems 1953-1982 by Noriko Ibaragi

Cambridge: Skate Press, 1992

This small press edition of thirty-two poems translated from the Japanese came about because my co-translator's English husband-to-be had a connection with the press's editor and suggested that it



London: Robert Jones, 1992

Robert Jones published More About the Weather in 1989, and, after selling most of the print-run, offered to bring out a limited edition of the new poems I was writing in Japan - poems such as


Entertaining Fates

Manchester: Carcanet Press, 1992

After the relative success of This Other Life, the reception of my 1992 collection from Carcanet came as a disappointment. It received only one notice, in PN Review, and that one distinctly


Selected Poems of Vittorio Sereni

London: Anvil Press, 1990

Marcus Perryman and I spent ten years working on these translations of a poet with whom I feel a close affinity. We would carry his books around with us to cafés and restaurants in Verona and sit


This Other Life

Manchester: Carcanet Press, 1988

It took eight years to complete a second book of poems, this one twice the length of the first, and to find a publisher for it. Michael Schmidt of Carcanet Press invited me to submit a typescript in


Overdrawn Account

London: Many Press, 1980

This is my first collection of poems, containing pieces written between 1975 and 1979, many of them set in the North of England. 'How He Changes' is the earliest completed poem, dating from the