Cover of The Look of Goodbye Poens 2001 - 2006 by Peter RobinsonPrincipal Publications


  • Overdrawn Account (London: The Many Press, 1980)
  • This Other Life (Manchester: Carcanet Press, 1988)
  • Entertaining Fates (Manchester: Carcanet Press, 1992)
  • Lost and Found (Manchester: Carcanet Press, 1997)
  • About Time Too (Manchester: Carcanet Press, 2001)
  • Selected Poems (Manchester: Carcanet Press, 2003)
  • Ghost Characters (Nottingham: Shoestring Press, 2006)
  • There are Avenues (Bristol: The Brodie Press, 2006)
  • The Look of Goodbye (Exeter: Shearsman Books, 2008)


  • Untitled Deeds: Aphorisms and Prose Poems (Cambridge: Salt Publications, 2004)?


  • Talk about Poetry: Conversations on the Art (Exeter: Shearsman Books, 2006)?


  • Selected Poems of Vittorio Sereni ?translated by Marcus Perryman and Peter Robinson (London: Anvil Press, 1990)
  • When I Was at my Most Beautiful and other poems 1953-1982 ?by Noriko Ibaragi translated by Peter Robinson and Fumiko Horikawa (Cambridge: Skate Press, 1992)
  • The Great Friend and Other Translated Poems (Tonbridge: Worple Press, 2002)
  • Selected Poetry and Prose of Vittorio Sereni ?translated by Marcus Perryman and Peter Robinson (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2006)
  • Selected Poems of Luciano Erba? translated by Peter Robinson (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2007)


In the Circumstances: about Poems and Poets (Oxford University Press: Oxford, 1992)

Poetry, Poets, Readers: Making Things Happen (Oxford University Press: Oxford, 2002)

Twentieth Century Poetry: Selves and Situations (Oxford University Press: Oxford, 2005)? 


  • With All the Views: Collected Poems of Adrian Stokes (Carcanet Press: Manchester, 1981; Black Swan Books: Redding Ridge, C.T., 1981)
  • Geoffrey Hill: Essays on his Work (Open University Press: Milton Keynes and Philadelphia, 1985)
  • Liverpool Accents: Seven Poets and a City (Liverpool University Press: Liverpool, 1996)
  • (with John Kerrigan) The Thing About Roy Fisher: Critical Studies (Liverpool University Press: Liverpool, 2000)
  • (with Robert Sheppard) News for the Ear: A Homage to Roy Fisher (Stride Publications: Exeter, 2000)
  • Mairi MacInnes: A Tribute (Nottingham: Shoestring Press, 2005)


  • The Salt Companion to Peter Robinson ed. Adam Piette and Katy Price (Cambridge: Salt Publications, 2007)