Vittorio Sereni's Poetry and Prose

Cover of The Selected Poetry and Prose of Vittoro SereniThis publication contains the largest selection of Vittorio Sereni’s poetry and prose published to date, along with an introduction, a table of dates, a commentary, and a full bibliography. There are also sixteen black and white illustrations showing the author at various stages in his life, some of the original covers to his books, and a few manuscript pages. It is the culmination of some twenty-six years’ work on the part of Marcus Perryman and myself. The cover shows a detail (through the window behind Jesus’s head) from Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper in Milan.

There are, regretfully, a small number of misprints, which we expect to have corrected in the first paperback printing. They are listed below:

  • p. 18, line 3: FOR he calls READ he recalls
  • p. 34, 4 lines up: FOR Oran on when READ Oran when
  • p. 73, line 6: FOR years’ READ years
  • p. 137, last line: FOR tomb). READ tomb.)
  • p. 138 and p. 139. DELETE line space between lines 5 and 6
  • p. 149, 9 lines up: FOR come back READ come back …
  • p. 179, after line 10. ADD missing line: truths on life.
  • p. 192, line 16: FOR duelli READ quelli
  • p. 271, line 12: FOR Tenochtitlàn READ Tenochtitlan
  • p. 275, last line: FOR floodings. READ floodings
  • p. 275. ADD last line: and a slate multiply the summer’s color.
  • p. 287, 15 line up: FOR impossible, or grievous, appear. READ impossible or grievous appears.
  • p. 401, 31 lines up: FOR Canto VI READ Canto XXVI
  • p. 426, line 5: FOR blage READ blague

Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2006 Buy online